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Friday 12th June


Follow this link for a lesson all about exciting paintings:








Friday 15th May


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Summer Term - Week 1 (20th - 24th April)



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This week, we would like you to work on a project all about Banksy. 


You will not be given individual tasks to complete each day. It will be your responsibility to add to, and continue to work on, your own project throughout the week. By the end of the week, we would like for you to have produced your own Banksy-style artwork. 


Below are some ideas that you may choose to include in your project:


  • It would make sense to start with some research on Banksy. Who is he? Why is he famous? What is graffiti? What is street art? Is there a difference? What else can you find out about him and his work?
  • Explore different graffiti techniques online. For example, stencilling, spray painting, wheatpasting, mosaic tyling and more. What techniques does Banksy tend to use? Do you think he has a favourite? Maybe you could have a go at making a stencil.
  • Explore the meaning of some of his work. On the powerpoint below, there are some specific examples of some of his work. Have a look at these. Can you figure out the meaning/message behind each of these pieces?


Finally, create your own Banksy-style art work. You may be creative enough to come up with your own design that has a message behind it - just like Banksy. If not, you could simply choose to have a go at writing your own name using a graffiti-style technique. Some examples of this are below. It is completely up to you.


If you do not have access to art resources at home, I have sent everyone a link on Purple Mash to an online painting resource with different tools and styles you can use to create your own piece. This can be saved on Purple Mash and we will be able to view it. You may even choose to use this resource just to practice different techniques on before creating your final piece.


We cannot wait to see your projects and final pieces on Friday; we can then upload them to our project gallery for everyone to see! 


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Take part in the eye spy a rainbow campaign and put it in your window!


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