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Be the best you can be.

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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.


During any period of national lockdown, our Weekly Certificates will be awarded for Remote Learner of the Week (up to 2 children) and, if a child has been in school for at least three days and impressed us with their work, a School-Based Superstar certificate. These certificates will be sent electronically to parents. You will also be able to download them by clicking on the link below.

To celebrate the fantastic achievements throughout the Year, we award certificates for writing, maths fluency, foundation subject knowledge...and a class star of the week.  The lunchtime supervisors also give special awards for children who go above and beyond during lunchtimes each week.

A big congratulations to the winners this week. So, for Friday 16th July 2021, and for the final time this year, the awards go to:



Class Star: Emilie H

Maths Fluency: Misha A

Star Writer: Emily G

Foundation "Talk Like A..." Certificate: Max G

Lunchtime Superstars: Emilie H and Tyler Y



Class Star: Nathan M

Maths Fluency: Jackson R

Star Writer: Ollie D

Foundation "Talk Like A..." Certificate: Joel H

Lunchtime Superstars: n/a