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Be the best you can be.

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Be the best you can be.


Congrats to all our winners who try extra hard to show how great they are! Any one in year 4 can win, will it be you next week? Keep it up!




WB: 18/05/20

Home Learner: Rebecca & Nathan

School Learner: Lola


WB: 11/05/20

Home Learner: Adesh & Isabelle 

In School: Katelyn & Lola


WB: 4/5/20

Home Learner: Evie & Rebecca

In School Learner: Katelyn & Lola


WB: 27/4/20

Home Learner: Isabelle & James M

School Learner: Lola & Katelyn


WB: 20.4.20

Home Learner: Rebecca & Ethan 

In-School learner: Lola 


WB: 30.3.20

Home learners: Brooke & Lewis

In-school learner: Lola 

WB 23.3.20
Home learners: Rebecca & Max
In-School Learners: Latasia & Isabelle B


WB 24.2.20
Growth Mindset: Izzy D & Max W
Handwriting: Mason & Kyle
Star: Ethan L & Izzy B

WB 3.2.20

Growth Mindset: Niamh & Brooke

Handwriting: Ethan J & Fred

Star: Iesha & Ashley 


WB 27.01.20
Growth Mindset: Ethan J & Edward
Handwriting: Keelie B & Lilybelle
Star: Madison & Max G 


WB: 13.01.20

Growth Mindset: Skye & Ashton 

Handwriting: Adesh & Emilie

Star: Ethan & Keylee C 


WB 6.01.20
Growth Mindset: Miah & Ethan J 

Handwriting: Gabriel & Iesha
Star: Rebecca & Zyan


Congratulations to our Autumn term champions. These children were selected above all others for their extra effort in either reading, maths, writing, behaviour of general class star!

Well done to:
Riley & Kyle - Class Champion
Emilie O & Isabelle - Writing Champion
James M & Joel - Maths Champion
Lara & Evie - Behaviour Champion

Frieda & Kabelo - Reading Champion


WB 9.12.19
Growth Mindset: Edward & Skye
Handwriting: Max G & Leah 
Behaviour: Deon & Lucas

WB 25.11.19

Growth Mindset: Misha & Leah

Handwriting: Emilie H &  Ethan 

Behaviour: Mia & Keelie B


WB 18.11.19 

Growth Mindset: James C & Ethan

Handwriting: Edward & Joel
Behaviour: Lara & Adesh


WB 11.11.19

Growth Mindset: Scarlett & Madison
Handwriting: Frieda & Skye

Behaviour: James M & Chantae


WB: 4.11.19

Growth Mindset:  Tyler & Zyan 

Handwriting: Mason & Kabelo

Behaviour: Brooke & Ollie


WB: 7.10.19

Growth Mindset: Lara & Lucas

Handwriting: Mihai & Leah

Behaviour: Joel & Gabriel 


WB 1.10.19
Growth Mindset: Keva & Max G
Handwriting: Lewis & Ella
Behaviour: Max & Emilie O


WB 23.9.19

Growth Mindset: Lewis & Grace

Handwriting: Evie & Alexis

Behaviour: Kabelo & Izzy 

WB 16.9.19
Growth Mindset: Kyle S & Riley T
Handwriting: Madison BC & Brooke J
Behaviour: Evie D & Fred N


WB 3.9.19
Growth Mindset: Carys & Lara
Handwriting: Jackson & Emily G
Behaviour: Leah & Tyler