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Summer Term Week 2      27-01 May


Design and code your own game using 2code


This will be a task for you to work on throughout the week. You will need to log into Purple Mash, where we have set '2Code Gorilla' as a 2do.


You may remember that we did this earlier in the year. You learnt all about how to create a background and characters for your game and how to 'code' them to move around using the different coloured buttons.

It may take you a while to remember how it all works. You may even spend the whole of Monday afternoon just fiddling around with the buttons whilst you figure it all out again! That's fine, you have the whole week to try and create something (even if it doesn't end up working exactly the way you want it to!). 


There are some tips below that will help to jog your memory of how to work all the different coding buttons. However, please don't worry if you really struggle with this. Remember you have the choice of computing or music activities this week (or both!). Anything you manage to create will be fine. 


When you have completed the task, remember to save and submit it on Purple Mash so it will get sent to us.


To change the background and add characters/objects

  • Click on design in the top right corner.
  • Click the black tv screen in the bottom left.
  • You can change the colour of the background or the image of the background by clicking on the boxes on the left. 
  • To add characters or objects, click on the symbol and drag them onto the screen. You can double click on the object to open the clip art box and choose a new image.
  • On the left hand side, make sure you name the character/object. You can also change its size by changing the number in the 'scale' box.


To code

  • Click 'exit design' in the top right corner.
  • You can drag the name of your object/character onto the line of coding and click on the direction you want it to move. 
  • Remember, click the green play button at the top of the screen to see if your coding is working.



  • 'when key'     

This means that when a certain key on the keyboard is pressed, something happens in the program. For example, you might want a character to jump up every time the space bar is pressed. You would have to drag the 'when key' in and type SPC so it says  'when key SPC'. On the line underneath you code what you want to happen. So you would drag in the character button and the action 'up'. 

  • 'when clicked' and 'when swiped'

These buttons work in the the same way as the 'when key', but instead of an action happening when a key is pressed, an action happens when something is clicked or swiped.

  • 'timer'

This causes an action to happen after a certain number of seconds (you can change this). You would need to put the action on the line underneath.

  • 'repeat'

Causes an action to repeat.

  • 'print to screen'

This causes writing to appear on the screen. For example, you might want a character to say hello when you click on them. You would have to use the 'when clicked' button and then add the 'print to screen' button underneath. You would have to type in the text you want to appear on the right of the 'print to screen' button. 


There are lots more buttons you could use. Have a play around with them and see what they do!