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Be the best you can be.


Friday 10.3.23

Happy snow day 2!

I hope you emjoyed yesterday's english work and I'm looking forward to seeing all of your stories next week.


Today we are going to focus on our Non-Chronological report writing (fact files). I would like you to think either about something that you like and know really well, e.g your favourite football team, your favourite game or toy, or someone in your family, or about something that you would like to research to find out more about e.g. an animal, a country or a planet etc.


When you've gathered all your informatiion, use the tips below to produce your factfile. 




  1. Title
  2. Headings/Sub-headings
  3. Introduction
  4. Facts
  5. Pictures
  6. Finger spaces, Capital letters, Full stops!


Have fun learning lots :) 


Thursday 9.3.23

To help you continue your learning if you're at home this is where you will find the English Remote Learning . All you need is a pencil, paper and yourself to complete your English work  Don't worry If you don't manage to complete the activities on a particular day because we'll leave the lessons here all week.




This week we have been innovating our own version of the 'Storm Whale' by Benji Davies by changing just a few details.

Can you remeber the story and tell your grown ups?


Today you can either read or watch a familar story, e.g. Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs etc and have a go at writing your own innovated version making just a few changes. Maybe the Three Little Sheep, Jackie and the enormous Sunflower!





  • Kinetic letter handwriting
  • Use your phonics to help with spelling
  • Finger spaces
  • Capital letters and full stops (you may add question and exclamation marks too!)
  • Hold your sentence and count your words after you have written it.
  • Write in full sentences
  • Check your work to make sure it makes sense



Have fun!


For any of you that feel like an extra English challenge, you could also write a recount of what you get up to today in the form of a diary. Then you can tell us all about your snowy adventures when you come back to school.