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Friday 27th March


Task 5:  Page 5 of your Geography Project.  

Todays page is about seas and rivers of the UK.  Produce a page of information about this using the powerpoint to help you.  

Try to produce a table like the one on the last page of the powerpoint.  Use the internet to research the information needed and add it to your project.  










Thursday 26th March


Task 4:  Page 3 of your geography project.  Give an introduction into some of the major cities of the UK.  Then choose 1 city to study in more detail.  Create a fact file for that city.  Tell us about its size - where it is in the UK.  Tell us some interesting facts such as landmarks or something that it is well known for or famous people that may originate from the city.  You could choose somewhere you have visited or choose a brand new city to develop your knowledge of the UK.  Remember to include pictures of the city to make your project engaging.   These could be printed or hand drawn.   Enjoy










Wednesday 25th March

Task 3:  Page 2 of your project.  This page is going to demonstrate your knowledge of counties of the UK.  How many of you can name some of the counties of the UK?  Do a general introduction about what are counties and then choose 1 county to research in more detail.  Perhaps one you have visited on holiday or you could do the West Midlands - where we live.  What is its size?  Population?  Where is it situated in the UK and any other interesting facts about the county.  

I am looking forward to seeing yuir projects.  Remember these can be word processed or produced on powerpoint or you can handwrite and colour in your maps etc...  Once again, I have added the powerpoint from our lessons to help you.



Tuesday 24th March


Task 2:  To produce page 1 of a project about the Uk including general information.  I will upload the power point we used in class to support you with page 1.  This project can be either word processed or power point or a paper project which you can write and colour in.  

Hope that all makes sense.

Any questions you can ask on the blog but I'm having trouble logging in at the moment.  Don't know why?  Trying to sort it!  Hope you are all okay.  See you soon.

Mrs Seddon

Create a project about the UK.


Monday 23rd March:  Create a front page for your project with a Title, Picture and your name.


Like this one below but your needs to be for a project about the UK.