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Be the best you can be.

Helpful Videos

Welcome to the helpful videos page!

Here we will attach videos and links to websites to watch great videos to support your work!

Some of these are on youtube, so make sure an adult is happy for you to use it!

Making junk into treasure - model write

Descriptive writing to convince someone a piece of junk is actually a piece of treasure! A model write to help those understand the expectations of the work ...

Bus stop division

Some children had problems with the division questions yesterday - he's a short explanation with very poor camera work! Enjoy!

Column multiplication and two step word problems

Mr G explains column multiplication for 2 and 3 digit x 1 digit number. We also look at word problems with multiple steps and how best to approach them.

How to use fronted adverbial - sentence structure and grammar

Short video explaining simple ways of using fronted adverbials in your sentences. Try to be exciting with them and think about how you can tell us lots about...

Access home learning with Xbox One

Short tutorial to show Springfield students how to access their remote learning by using the internet browser built in to the Xbox.

How to punctuate speech (dialogue)

Find out some of the key rules for punctuating speech in this vid:1: New speaker new line!2: capital to begin speech3: inverted commas to open and close spee...

Singular and Plural Apostrophes! (regular)

Apostrophes confuse the best of us at times! Mr G presents a simple flow chart to help you decide whether or not you need to use an apostrophe in your sentence...

Written Method Recap!

Targeted at Yr 3-4 pupils, Mr G does a quick run through of the 4 operations to help keep your minds sharp.Parents and carers, you may be forced to help your...