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18th - 22nd May


This week, your task is to produce a project all about an ancient civilisation of your choice; for example, you may choose the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Mayans, the Celts or Ancient China. 


Like your Geography and Science project, you can choose how you produce and display your project. You will have a new task each day to add to your project throughout the week. 

Friday - Greatest achievements/ contributions to modern society

Write about some of the important achievements of your chosen civilisation. For example, the Mayans were great astronomers, had a sophisticated calendar system and used a highly advanced number system that uses place value like we do!

Did they design or create anything that has an impact on our current modern life? For example, the way we heat our buildings, get rid of sewage, the words and language we speak and many more things were introduced to us by the Ancient Romans!


Thursday - Religion

What were the religious beliefs of your chosen civilisation? What can you find out about the Gods/Goddesses they believed in? I remember the Mayans had a fascinating creation story. What other interesting information can you find out about their religion?


Wednesday - Art and Leisure

How did your chosen civilisation spend their free time? What did they do for entertainment? Remember the deadly ball games we learnt about when studying the Mayans?   

Also see what you can find out about the artwork they created. Did they create sculptures? Paintings? Jewellery? What tools did they use?


Tuesday - Daily Life (Jobs, Food, Clothing) 

Do some research and find out what day-to-day life was like for your chosen civilisation.

What different jobs did people have? What kind of food did they eat? How did they prepare the food? What kind of clothing did they wear?

Make this the next section of your project. You can present it however you want to. 


Monday - Title page and introduction

Create a title page for your project. Then on the first page, write a brief introduction about your chosen civilisation. Include facts like where in the world the civilisation lived, when (roughly) did the civilisation begin and end, how large the population was etc. Maybe you could add some pictures or a map. 

Don't go into too much detail in the introduction though as you will be adding more to your project throughout the week.