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I Spy a Rainbow!

Hi everyone, 


You may have seen lots of rainbows in people's windows supporting and thanking the NHS etc. With this in mind we think as a whole school it would be lovely for us to make our own rainbows and display them in our windows. You can also be creative, I have seen some children drawing rainbows in chalk on their driveway! You can use chalk, pens, pencils, paints or anything else you may have. The more creative the better!


Below are examples of different rainbows which I have seen from lots of different children around the country! 


I have uploaded a rainbow template below to use if you want to, but be creative you can design your rainbow however you like! When you have finished them, take a picture to upload to this blog and display it in your window. 


Some rainbows have hashtags such as #staystrong and #thankyouNHS. How about we create our own like #keepsmiling? This will really cheer people up when they see your rainbow out and about! 


Let's stay safe, look after each other and stay connected! I can't wait to see your rainbows- everyone can make them not just children! Let's spread the love by making and displaying as many rainbows as we can!


Keep smiling! 


Miss Gough smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3