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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.

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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.

Physical Education

PE with Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

Lets try it together! Follow the link to join in...



Shuffle Dance... try it out..

WBA Foundation PL Primary Stars

Some great games to get involved in

Just Dance

Dancing is one of the easiest ways to get your body moving … and grooving. You follow the moves on this YouTube-based dance challenge.

Plus Just Dance features all our fave musical artists. Try it out:

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Stretch, bend and get movin’ with the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel, where you’ll find 10-20 minute guided yoga workouts. You will love striking poses in outerspace, underwater, on the farm and more! Try it out:

Kids' HllT Workout

This 30-minute-long exercise YouTube video is the perfect excuse to get moving along. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a workout that combines intense bursts of exercise and short, active recovery periods. Think marching, jumping jacks and squats. No equipment needed! Just put on a pair of athletic shoes and press play. Have a go:


Simply Soccer: Soccer Drills You Can Do Indoors

Take advantage of time spent indoors by honing your soccer skills! Simply soccer’s seven-minute YouTube video shows you how to work on some fancy footwork skills from the comfort of home. Try it out:


Karate for Kids

Who wants to be a ninja? Join Abbey Manser on her YouTube channel to learn basic karate skills for kids. Try it out: