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Be the best you can be.


WC 11th May - 15th May


International Nurses Day is on Tuesday 12th May. 'Step into the NHS' is running a competition that we would love for you to enter. Follow the links below to learn more about it. Ignore the entry date of the 1st May, it has actually been extended to the 19th June. It is also online entry, not postal entry. 

International Nurses Day is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the NHS, consider your personal strengths and skills and your potential career aspirations.


Therefore, alongside planning and designing your competition entries, you will also have some PSHE tasks to complete this week. The purpose is for you to explore what you are good at and what you want to be when you grow up. You will have chance to explore a wide range of jobs in the NHS and understand that jobs require different qualities and skills. 






Friday 15th May

We thought you could finalise this week with a 2Do on Purple Mash called 'My Ambition'.

It is an online poster you can create about what you want to be when you grow up. You could use what you have learnt this week about jobs in the NHS or you may want to do something completely different when you grow up.  


Continue with/ complete your competition entry. We would love for you to send in pictures/videos of your entries! We can display them on the project gallery. Don't worry if they won't be completed this week though, the deadline is the 19th June so you can still have a few weeks to complete it. 






Thursday 14th May


Download the Hire Me slides and complete the job application activity.





Wednesday 13th May


Download the Jobs in the NHS slides and complete the activities. 





Tuesday 12th May


Download the Working for the NHS slides and complete the activities. Then, continue working on your competition entry. 



Monday 11th May


Task:  Download the 'Your Strengths and the NHS' powerpoint slides and the two worksheets.


Read through the slides and complete the activities. There is also a quiz at the end. 


If you have time afterwards, you may want to begin to plan your competition entry. The deadline is the 19th June so there is no need to rush. You have plenty of time to plan and work on it.