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Spring 2

This terms RE we will be looking at Christianity. Our key question that we will be researching over the coming weeks is 'What do Christians believe Jesus did to save human beings?'.

Wk Beg. 01.03.21

What happened during Holy week? This week we are going to write a diary entry for Mary, the mother of Jesus, for three important days in Holy week. We going to think about how Mary would be feeling when Jesus entered Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the day Jesus died (Good Friday) and the day Jesus came back to life (Easter Sunday). Use the powerpoint and the websites below to gather your thoughts. Think about how Mary would feel on each of these days. What would other people think about her son on these days? What was surprising about the events? Do you think Mary would like the day Jesus died called a  'Good Friday'? Think about Marys emotions and feelings during these days. Then use the worksheet and write a diary entry for each of the three days.

WK beg. 22.02.21

What can you remember about Christianity? What do Christians believe? If you need a refresh take a look at the website link below to refresh your memories.

Can you remember the events of Holy week? What do Christians believe happened at Easter? I would like you to do your own research this week and gather some information about Holy week. Make some notes, draw some pictures or write a list of the important things Christians do during Holy week and why Holy week is celebrated. Use the website links below to help you with your research.







Spring 1

This terms RE we are looking at Judaism. The key question that we are going to be researching and learning about is.... 'What is it like to be Jewish? Family, Synagogue and Torah'.

WK beg. 08.02.21

After the escape from Egypt, the Jewish people were given the 10 commandments. What are commandments and why are they important? The Ten Commandments are found within both the Bible and the Jewish Torah. For the Jews, the Torah sets out the laws, or rules, of how God wants them to live. The Ten Commandments are a fundamental set of rules. Watch the video clip below and have a think about why rules are important in our lives? Have a think about what commandments you would choose and like to live by, and have a go at completing the worksheet.

WK beg. 01.02.21

Can you remember what do we call people who follow the religion of Judaism?

Last week we began to have a look at the Jewish festival of Passover and how Jewish people celebrated at home, including the preparation of the seder meal. This week I would like you to look more into the story behind Passover, the Exodus story. Have a look at the clip below, sharing the story and also read the text. What does Passover/Pesach mean to Jews today?  What role do all of us have in bringing freedom?

Use the video clip and text and have a go at answering the questions at the end of the text, then also there is a game on purple mash to have a go at.



WK beg 25.01.21

This week we will be looking at the Jewish celebration of Passover (or Pesach). This is an important festival in the Jewish calendar and it celebrates the story of Exodus. During Passover, the Jews remember the Israelites (God's chosen people) freedom from slavery in Egypt. Moses, an important figure in Jewish faith, led the Israelites to freedom over 3,000 years ago. 

Jewish people have a special service called the Seder, which means order. During this they share the story of Exodus and then have a special meal. During this meal they eat foods that symbolise and represent different parts of the Passover story. 

Take a look at the website below to help you gain lots of information and complete the quizs too. Think about, What is slavery? How would you feel if you were set free and given freedom? Why is the celebration of Passover important to Jewish people? Why do this certain foods remind them/represent parts of the story?

Then complete you own Seder plate. However I would like you to imagine that you have moved country and on your plate I would like you to design a meal that would help you to remember home. Just like how Jewish people have their Seder plate and eat foods to remind them of the story of Passover. 



Wk beg 18.01.21

This week we are exploring the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah, which celebrates the Jewish New Year. It is a celebration of the world and marks making a fresh start, allowing Jewish people a time to reflect (look back on) the past year. 

Use the video clip and powerpoint to help you gather some information about the festival Rosh Hashanah, and then complete the 2do on purple mash, where you can create a leaflet about the festival.


Wk beg 11.01.21

Lets begin this topic by recapping and reminding ourselves of Judaism and the key beliefs.

Take a look at these websites and gather some keypoints in order to help you complete the worksheet below...

Judaism worksheet