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Be the best you can be.


This terms topic for RE is looking at the religion of Islam. We will finding out and researching to answer the question of... 'Why does the Prophet Muhammad matter to Muslims?'.


Wk beg. 25.01.21

The Prophet Muhammad cared for all Allah's creatures, from the tiny ants to the largest of animals. Muhammad did not like cruelty and believed in justice for all and was famous for his fairness, forgiveness and strength. Have a look at the video clip, its shows you two stories about the Prophet Muhammad and how these stories teach Muslims an important life lesson. 

There is then a worksheet for you to have a go at.

Wk beg 18.01.21


God (Allah) chose Muhammad to lead his people because he was an ‘honest, kind and trustworthy’ man.

Have a look at the powerpoint and think about 'What makes a good leader?' 

Think about people around you, people on the television and people at school. Can you think about the qualities in which the people around you have, in order for them to be good at leading. This person could be a teacher, a football coach or even the prime minister!

Once you have thought about this, have a go at the 2do set on purple mash or draw yourselves an outline of a person, and inside the person, list all the qualities that are needed to be a 'good' leader.


Wk beg 11.01.21

Lets begin this topic by recapping and reminding ourselves about Islam and the key beliefs.

Take a look at the website and gather some key points to help you create a greater understanding.

Now have a look at the video clip for you to get an understanding of why Prophet Muhammad was chosen, then have a go at the worksheet.