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Be the best you can be.

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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.

Thursday 2nd April

9:00 - 9:30: PE Joe Wicks


9:30 - 10:30 English. Go to the website and search for ‘when a dragon moves in”. Listen to the story. 
Use the story as inspiration to create your own dragon that could move in to your sandcastle. Draw and describe your dragon. Don’t forget the expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbial sand conjunctions.



10:45 - 11:45: Maths. TT Rockstars. Walk around your house, measure as many different things as you can. Record the lengths in cm and mm.

Then, please follow the link to an online Math's lesson. 


Our project this week is all about living a 'Healthy Lifestyle'. It is a great opportunity for you to be creative.

Twinkl has great resources that they have made free over this tricky period which is great news. Follow this link: 


Here are a list of things you could do linked to different subjects:

Maths - ask members of your family what their favourite healthy food is and create a bar chart/pictogram.

English - Write a NCR about a healthy lifestyle

DT - design and make a healthy menu for you and your family one night

Art - use your sketching skills to observe and draw some healthy foods

Science - Create a poster/leaflet about the importance of healthy eating

PE - Design yor own home work out to encourage people to keep exercising.

Reading - Research all about healthy living (use your skimming and scanning to make notes)

Geography - Label a world map showing where different healthy foods come from.