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Be the best you can be.

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Be the best you can be.


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Intent, Implementation and Impact

A Child's Guide to Self-esteem.


1. What is self-esteem?      How do you feel about yourself?


We cannot see or touch self-esteem BUT we can feel it!

"I feel good about myself today!" - "I'm feeling confident in my abilities today!" 


I feel bad about myself today!" - "I'm not feeling confident in my abilities today!"

We all have days when we don't feel so good about ourselves BUT the important thing to realise is that we don't have to stay in that place! We can feel HAPPY again!

 Try this!

It is important to know your likes and dislikes!

It all begins here - Remember you're A STAR!

Chapter 1  - All about me!


Write down :-

Today's date-  Important for your journey!    The day you realised how great you are!


My name is______

My family members are __________

Three words that describe me are_________       

I'm really good at ___________

For fun I like to _______________

People I admire are ___________

When I grow up I would like to be ____________


What makes me SUPERB?  What makes me UNIQUE?  What makes me AWESOME?

Write down or draw things that you're good at or like about yourself.  I am sure you can fill this treasure box! Remember you are LOVED!



Chapter 2. -  Emotions

What is an emotion?

It's a feeling -

      Happy               Sad                 Fearful                  Angry                  Frustrated


    Embarrased            Disappointed           Confused        Grumpy           Sleepy


  There are lots more! Sometimes they make you feel like you can't ' Think straight' or 'That you will never feel happy again!" BUT emotions do change, we just need to give ourselves a little time. It's like the rain pouring down and then suddenly a rainbow appears! Nothing stays the same forever!


Write down or draw how you feel right now! Think of the colours you might use to describe how you're feeling. As long as it makes sense to you it's okay!no Remember describing or drawing your emotion helps you to understand it!




Sometimes your brain just needs time to chill and be quiet! Find somewhere comfy to sit and just close your eyes! (You might want to listen to some peaceful music.) All you have to remember is to breathe slowly in and out through your nose. If other thoughts come into your mind try to focus on your breathing. 

How do you feel after meditation?

   Happy      Relaxed     Bored      Sleepy     Upset     Hungry     Peaceful     Calm    

It's okay to feel any of these emotions!

How are you feeling now?   Rate your self-esteem 1-10. 

                                      Remember we feel different every day!