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Be the best you can be.


To help you continue your learning if you're at home this is where you will find the English Remote Learning . All you need is a pencil, paper and yourself to complete your English work laugh 



As we have another snow day. You could use your experiences of the last 2 days to write a snow poem! You may want to use your senses to help you write about the snow (touch, see, smell, taste and hear).

Here's one we found:


If you are struggling with rhyme then why not write an acrsotic poem instead? You could use the word snow, snowing or snowy. 




  • Capital letters and full stops (you may add questions and exclamation marks too!)
  • Remember the layout for an acrositc poem (the first word of each sentence must start with the word you are trying to spell down the page) 
  • Using your senses
  • Adjectives to describe
  • Adverbs to say how, when or where
  • Suffixes you may be able to use an ly word


I think that's enough clues now,

Have fun!

For any of you that feel like an extra English challenge, you could also write a recount of what you get up to today in the form of a diary or if you started a recount yesterday you can continue it and include what you got up to today! Then you can tell us all about your snowy adventures when you come back to school.