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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.

Year 4

Mr G's Welcome!

Mr G has started a youtube channel with some tips and hints on how to get through the social distancing learning!
To find the full channel search on youtube for
2020 Primary With Mr G

Just a short welcome video. Hope you're all doing well!

Hello Year 4!

Just in case our school will need to close for social distancing, we have provided each of you with a workbook and a pencil to take part in some home learning!

The work you will be asked to complete will be written up each day by the Year 4 staff. Usually this will be us telling you which pages of the PDF file you will need to complete. You will be expected to complete 1 piece of English each day and 1 piece of maths. You will also need to complete a thematic project which will take around about a week.

The PDF files you will need will be uploaded on this page - you will simply need to click it to download, scroll to the page you need and complete the work in your home learning book.


We have also launched a class blog! This way, each staff member and child can interact in a safe and controlled way. Staff will update the blog daily and the children may write messages to the staff about their work or ask for support; they could even use it to tell us what sort of research they've been doing during home-learning time! You can find the blog in the drop-down menu or "children"  on our main page. Your child will have been given their log in at school.


We also encourage you to use TTRockStars as much as possible and to use Purple Mash for even more interesting activities!

If you want to take an independent approach to your home-learning, have a look at the "teachers only" website. It shows which (usually premium) websites are offering free resources during this time!

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Harry Potter Magic!

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Year 4 took part in some truly magical character descriptions this term! Pretending as if we were key characters from the Harry Potter universe, we were "interviewed" about our fellow witches and wizards! Here are a few of our examples!


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TTRockstars is released to the screaming crowds at Springfield Primary!

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The students here at Springfield recognise the importance of education, but they also recognise the undeniable urge to ROCK AND ROOOOLLLLL!
Therefore, partnered with TTRockstars - an online platform for learning times tables - the children at Springfield are able to SHRED through their 4s - BLASTBEAT through their 6s - SCREAM through their 9s and CRESCENDO to their 12s!

Use this video to follow the simple steps to becoming the ROCK-GOD you know you are!
Good luck!