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Year 3

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Meet the Team

Class Teachers

Miss S Holland

Mrs D Turley


Support Staff

Mrs E Chapman

Mrs T Winwood

Mrs D Etherington-Yorke


TA Training

Mrs K Wilding


Welcome Back!

Learning for Summer Term...

We will be studying the Romans this Term! 


  Maths this week has been finding different values of money totals. Eg. What coins can you use to     make £3.72?  Adding and subracting amounts of money. Solving problems and working out         change. 


      English -We have been chanting Roman Gladiator chants this week. We have written our own.


                                       Home Learning

Year 3 are given homework every Monday to be returned the following Monday. Homework consists of a Maths and English piece of learning, which enables them to apply their understanding from their learning that week. Children are also given spelling words to learn as well as bringing home a reading book. Can you please encourage your child to read at least three times over the week. (This doesn't have to be the whole book, although some avid readers will read a whole book in an evening!). Please sign and date the reading diary each time you hear your child read. Thank you for  your comments in the reading diaries - very positive for your child to see this communication between home and school.

Summer Term Winners


Reading - James Chater

Writing - Rebecca Ogundare

Maths - Edward Dore

Star - Alexis-Jorga Epstein

Behaviour Champion - Isabelle Dewsbery



Reading - Lewis Waterhouse
Writing - Leah Rollinson

Maths - Jackson Robbins
Star - Katelyn Gaffney
Behaviour Champion - Nathan Moloney

Our Winners last term were:

no 3H

Maths - Emily

Writing - Gabriel

Reading - Max

Star - Deon


no 3T

 Maths - Lucas

 Writing - Iesha

 Reading - Max

 Star - Chantae


Summer Term Weekly Winners


Class Behaviour Star = Isabelle

Growth Mindset = Brooke

Handwriting = Max



Class Behaviour Star = Isabelle

Growth mindset = Michael

Handwriting = Ollie

Summer timetable