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Be the best you can be.

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Springfield Primary School

Be the best you can be.



As a school, we are on a journey to become a UNICEF Rights Respecting School. We will be focusing on the articles set out by UNICEF and incoperating them into our school values.


Our class charters, help us make the right decisions to ensure our classroom and school is a great place to be. As a class, we decided that aiming high was important, so we created our aiming high plane.


We then spoke about the articles and decided which were most important to us in creating a safe, happy and enjoyable place to learn. The articles we decided on are shown below and we have added what we will do to achieve them. 


We signed our charter by adding ourselves to our plane which means we will try our hardest to aim high at all times.


Article 31: We have the right to rest and play

  • We will have kind hands and feet
  • We will say kind words and not be rude
  • We will take turns and not leave people out
  • We will look after each other
  • Our teachers will treat everyone fairly, keep us safe and provide fun activities


Article 28: We all have the right to learn

  • We will be sensible and not stop others from working
  • We will be resiliant and always try our best
  • We will listen and concentrate
  • Our teachers will try and plan lessons that are interesting and fun


Article 12: We all have the right to our opinion and to be listened to.

  • We will listen to each other
  • We will take turns
  • We will be supportive of everyones thoughts and feelings
  • Our teachers will take the time to listen to us and let us have our say in a respectful way